Africa’s Leading Youth Research Authority.

Our Products & Services

Youth Dynamix offers a wide range of products and services geared towards collecting high quality, accurate information for our clients' research needs.

From Syndicated Studies to Client Specific Studies, Strategy & Insights, Youth Dynamix has developed a number of unique methodologies that allow us to reach the right target market for your research needs.

One of our core competencies at Youth Dynamix is providing research services on the youth and family market. We have developed strong relationships over the years with schools and tertiary education institutions that enables us to access the youth market to conduct research. We are able to reach lower income communities across Africa.

Annually for the past 15 years, we’ve run our own research enabling us to produce the Trax Research Report that highlights what under 24 year olds do, what they spend their money on, what they think of the world around them, their attitudes to different brands, insights into their lifestyle and behaviours, the state of the country, their future prospects and so much more…

We also run more focused specific research for companies. If you want to find out what the youth think about a new concept or communication strategy before you launch it into the market, how they perceive your brand or which of your competitors’ products they like more and why, speak to us today. We will find youth in the exact target market, design the research module specific to your needs, conduct the research in an objective and ethical manner and provide you with a full findings and recommendations report supplemented with our extensive experience and other youth and family research.

These are just some of the reasons Youth Dynamix is Africa’s leading authority on youth:

We’ve done youth research for over a decade – giving us in-depth insights into the psycho, socio and lifestyle realms of the youth.

We’re setup to do on-the-ground research across all LSMs/Socio-economic groups.

We have a well-developed system that enables us to profile and geo-code individuals and areas so that we reach the exact target market

We’re able to save our clients hundreds of thousands of rands by leveraging our research which allows us to produce the Trax Research report at a fraction of the cost it would cost you to commission your own youth and family research.

We have a strong understanding of the need for ethical communication with children.

Youth Dynamix provides our clients a full findings report including our recommendations based on over a decade of experience.

Youth Dynamix has offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa. We have a connected network representation in Rwanda, Ghana, Mozambique, Angola, The DRC, Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and we’re also connected in Egypt and Algeria. This substantial African footprint allows us to extend our activations across the continent while taking into account the different cultural nuances that are critical for the success of any cross-border campaign

Youth Dynamix is a specialist youth and family research agency.

With over a decade of experience behind us, we have been researching, analyzing, listening, sharing and engaging with the youth market in urban and rural areas…

Youth Dynamix strives to understand the youth’s need states and connect with them with Youth Marketers/Brands.

Our aim is to generate a legacy of knowledge and brand trust with these highly influential consumers of today and tomorrow, as we help organizations strengthen their brands in the youth and family market.