Client Specific Studies


Monitoring and evaluation is crucial for supporting wider organizational learning and influence future campaigns and strategy.

In addition ALL clients are looking at giving ROI for each of the events held.

It is done at three levels that include:

Pre-campaign evaluation: carried out 2-3 weeks prior to commencement of the campaign to offer a baseline on indicators.

During campaign evaluation: keeps a tab on the learnings implementation responding to the influences triggered by the campaign.

Post campaign evaluation: carried out one week after the campaign is over. This evaluates the level of achievement against the set baseline indicators.


We combine both traditional and innovative methodologies to ensure that we get in depth and unvoiced customer needs, behavior and attitudes.

At YDx we believe that each client requires a specific and unique methodology that would answer to their objectives holistically.


Generally an average individual will not complain about every weakness, every need and every desire they have with all the products that they use.

Through customer immersion, we allow ourselves to spend more time with customers of different products to not only identify the underlying needs but to also highlight workarounds consumers have created overtime.

This ensures that we are able to advice our clients better on initiatives and actions points that add value to their clients and therefore increase delight among their customers.

These are done with a client specific objective in mind.

Each study is different as it seeks to answer to specific needs at hand.