Downy Mall Activations


Downy a Global leader in the Fabric Enhancer segment, is a new entrant in the Kenyan Retail Space. With numerous competing brands within its category, there was a need to develop a campaign that would see Downy rise above the competition to be viewed as a leader in this segment.

Introduce Downy into the Kenyan market in a captivating, creative and interesting way that will create top of mind awareness, foster brand loyalty and ultimately brand uptake.


To engage the target audience in a unique, authentic, playful, yet memorable way that would position the Downy brand as the best fit laundry enhancing partner, we developed a campaign that took consumers through a journey that evoked brand love and affinity. Our strategy involved

BRAND SAMPLING:Here we developed a colourful back yard set up that saw consumers go through the process of Touching, smelling and feeling fabric that had been washed with Downy.
DOWNY TROLLEY DASH:After purchase of Downy Fabric Softener, consumers got to participate in a 3 minute supermarket trolley dash that saw them going home with monthly shopping.


Still in it’s infancy, the campaign has managed to create a buzz that is seeing consumers curious to know about Downy.

With the various emotive activities involved with the activation, Downy is well on its way to become a household name.


All Day Long.

Project Details

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