Make It Happen Campaign


With Microsoft introducing into the market a new range of the Lumia devices, the brief was to develop a top of mind, exciting and creative activation platform that would engage the target consumers creating a personal connection and ultimately brand love between Lumia and the consumer.


To actualize a dream like no other, it required a brand experience like no other. So why not actualize these dreams with a brand like no other?

We created a hippy, fun and engaging platform where target consumers would have their wildest dreams brought to life by simply purchasing any Microsoft Lumia device.


From owning a long desired professional camera, to finally ticking that sky diving thrill from your bucket list plus many more, consumers across East Africa got to have their wildest dreams actualized courtesy of Microsoft Lumia. This lead to an emotional brand connection and ultimately, incredible brand up take.

Your Dream Come True

With Microsoft Lumia, no dream is bigger than the dreamer.

The perfect opportunity to create a new brand relationship at the moment that matters most.

Project Details

Date: 2015