Nivea Cool Kick Campaign


Conceptualise and execute a campaign that will drive excitement and eventual purchase consideration for the Nivea For Men cool kick range of brands.


“In a world where men are increasingly under pressure from their daily grind that keep them hard at work, they seek brands that will offer them freshness.”


In order to create awareness and a Buzz about Nivea cool kick Deo & Lotion for men we conceptualized a creative strategy that ensured we hit our set objectives. Our Big Idea, ‘PLAY IT COOL’ was both a call to action and a question we posed to consumers. Since Nivea Men Cool Kick Body Lotion and Deo are the ultimate cool, we invited consumers to test their cool by developing an engaging and fun filled platform dubbed– “COOL KICK FOOT POOL CHALLENGE.”
This strategy allowed brand champions to sample the brands in a memorable way that ensured Nivea remained top of mind among target consumers. The strategy also allowed us to take the consumers through a fun journey of the brands from awareness to satisfaction by engaging all their senses


The campaign sow 61,000 people engaged and 31,944 sampled over a period of 1 month. Sales grew by 30% during the campaign.

Project Details

Date: April 2016