Nakuru 7s Activation


The Juicy Fruit brand got an opportunity to sponsor the 25th edition of the Nakuru 10 aside rugby tournament over the 2015 Easter weekend, with the express objectives of:

Positioning the Juicy Fruit brand as the cool and ‘it’ chewing gum brand.

Communicate the affordability of the brand, creating purchase situations to achieve sell out of Juicy fruit and other brands in the Wrigley portfolio.

Strategic placement of Impactful branding to create a big brand feel.


Rugby is a high energy sport which plays into the Juicy Fruit brand cues and speaks to the target audience. This was a perfect opportunity to allow the brand to interface with the target audience through a memorable brand experience.


Self-assured, confident Brand Ambassadors dressed in quirky outfits that mirrored the brand personality. The smiles and outfits brightened the event and chilly weather.

Our team was stationed at the key consumer contact and chilll out points. The objective was to reach our consumers at their points of convenience.


The team achieved over 108% of sales targets. Brand exposure to over 7,200 attendees to the event over the course of the 2 days.

Project Details

Date: 2014