Strategy & Insights


The youth today are very dynamic and the biggest challenge for every marketer to keep up with the dynamism.

The YDx 5 pillars of youth culture are:

1. Music & entertainment.
2. Sports
3. Relationships.
4. Technology.
5. Fashion.
The youth culture is the driving force for the needs that they elicit through their behavior.

The marketers task is responding to the core youth needs hence building brand affinity. This can be done by appealing to one or more of the 5 pillars.


Consumers are different. In a bid to better communicate and target the consumers; YDx segments a clients consumers based on a combination of factors: behavior, demographics, attitudes, beliefs, and needs. Other variables considered during segmentation are technology.

We have a track record of developing customer segments that have supporting insights that can be used to guide marketing plans.

We offer detailed consumer portraits that can be used for: creating communication strategies, brand positioning, developing new propositions, and tailoring offerings.


If you imagine you know the youth, try and spend a few hours with them and you will discover that you were very wrong.

At YDx we believe that every marketer and strategist, anyone who makes decisions that impact on the youth should spend some time with them to ensure that their solutions are not only centric to their needs but that the executives also feed off the energy and creativity that is always with the millennials.

Our clients have found that they develop more innovative product and services, more competitive products and products that the youth cannot wait to have through this methodology.


Sometimes, clients are not in a position to leave their office to be immersed into the youth lifestyle.

In this case, the youth lifestyle is brought into their office through youth workshops.

This allows the clients to interact with the youth on a one on one.

The immersion experience is embedded in the daily life of the youth by featuring games, sports, music, mobile phone, outdoor activities, etc. Emphasis is on listening observation, emotions and lingua.


TThis is a modern method of collecting data from the mobile savvy consumers. Data is collected on mobile phones at specific times of the day to keep tab with the changing consumer patterns.

We allow the youth to feed in their usage behavior everyday on a mobile diary and upload to the cloud.

This data is useful to allow understand what strategies to employ and what emotions each initiative will evoke.


Having spent over a decade with the youth, we have understood them as Co-creators.

We offer a platform to allow them showcase creativity and ideas at the YDx C-Tank.

The C- Tank will consist of YDx youth experts, youth influencers and other randomly selected youth from different sub cultures.

The C-Tank is ideal for concept testing, new concept development and concept improvement be it product, communication or a service.

The output is:

1. The approach provides “LIVE” insights to guide ideas and thinking.
2. The dynamics allow the consumer workings to be experienced first hand.
3. YDx team will work to ensure that the ideas generated are based on COMMERCIAL REALITY.


TA non traditional methodology that tracks the culture and environment that the youth are in to inform on how that influences their attitudes and lifestyles.

It aims to track the culture and environment that the youth are in and inform on how they influence their attitudes and lifestyles.

It involves home immersions for the youth in that hood and can change from hood to hood to get a good representation of the country.


This is a modern method of data synthesis that involves the combination or researchers, strategists and consumers to allow for free flow of information and synthesis of insights compiled from a research study.

It is ideal for new product development and problem solving.

It allows the youth to be a part of the creation of something which they enjoy.

The workshops are primarily activity driven rather than discussions to ensure the.

YDx Insights and strategy focuses on creating true differentiation for brands thus building tangible results and also driving real innovation to enable a brand stand out.It entails:

Mapping relevant market insights and learning’s from YDx’s research with extensive data bank of insights and trends; successfully informing communication plans, campaigns and platform choice.

Overlaying age segmentation understanding onto data and trends taking into consideration clients products and identifying patterns across social, emotional, psychological and physical environments