Syndicated Studies


The Youth Dynamix YouthScapes report provides marketers and brand managers with insights on the fast moving elements in the youth market which need to be tracked regularly, covering various areas including:

1. Trends.
2. Licenses
3. Fashion
4. Music.
5. Technology.
6. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) activity
7. Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) activity.
The YouthScapes report is released three times per annum, and ensures that marketers have the necessary information needed to make decisions relating to marketing and promotional campaigns, the newest and most relevant prizes, possible new product ideas or flavor variations and guidelines on ethics.

It covers the full spectrum of the youth market.


The study covers teens (16-19 years), young adults (20-24 years) and adults (25+ year olds.)

The YouthTrax study was established in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the teen, young adult and family market, as well as the influences that shape the decision making process.

Research Areas:

1. Technology and telecommunications.
2. Financial behavior
3. Food and beverages (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks.)
4. Youth culture (music and entertainment, fashion, technology, sports, relationships.)
5. Influencers of youth culture (fashion/ brands/ celebs, society, media, peers, family.)
6. Media Usage & Attitude.
7. Shopping behavior.
8. Mindset (Politics, social environment, health, etc.)


BratTrax investigates the 7-15 year old market, with trended information over the past few years.

The target market include Children, tweens & teens aged 7 to 15 and mothers with children in this age group.

Research Areas:

1. Technology and telecommunications
2. Technology and telecommunications.
2. Finacial & shopping behavior.
3. Food & drink consumption.
4. Youth culture (including music, fashion, importance of brands.)
5. Media usage, advertising and competitions.
6. Youth attitudes and mindset (drugs, politics, AIDS etc.)


A syndicated research study to investigate the toddler and pre-school market, the parent / child relationship and parenting typologies.

The target market include Mothers of children aged 2-6 years

Research Areas:

1. Family interaction and purchase influence.
2. Consumption behavior.
3. Activities and lifestyle.
4. Media behavior.
5. Parenting typologies.


An annual Shopping Trax done on the Kenyan high school teen who have an enormous influence and purchasing potential and capacity.

It explores the Kenyan High school student shopping habits.

It covers both Back2Skul shopping as well as In-Skul shopping thus highlighting drivers & barriers to brand choices as well as influencers.

These are studies carried out by YDx covering areas that are of interest to multiple clients and the results of such research is made available to everyone who wishes to purchase it.

The YDx Syndicated Studies mainly answer to the general youth needs by addressing youth behavior & trends and how they affect the different sectors and industries in East Africa.

YDx formulates the research problem and scope of research based on our experience and methodologies. In addition we use the platform to allow client to load their own questions for the same target audience.